Ruper 10x 20 mm Hand Lens

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Ruper magnifier lenses, made in Japan offer users superior quality magnification and optics, this loupe features an excellent quality magnifier which provides users with x10 magnification with a spacious 20 mm diameter field of view. The optics (glass), are doublet, with an aplantic design, offering both clarity and reduction in abrasion when viewing. Suitable for enhanced viewing of rocks, minerals, fossils, sediment, antiques, jewellery, insects, plants and more.



  • Body: brushed stainless steel
  • Optics: doublet
  • Optical arrangement: aplantic
  • Magnification: x10
  • Viewing field: 20 mm

Ruper 10x 20 mm hand lens magnifier loupe. It offers a generous 20 mm diameter viewing field for easy use. The optical glass is of high quality and a doublet with an aplanatic arrangement. This reduces spherical abrasions when observing objects, particles or material.


Ruper 10x 20 mm hand lens is a sought after magnifier available on the market. They come from Japan and feature a stainless steel body. This is solid and suitable for indoor and outdoor rugged field use, where they will not suffer from drops or bumps. Being stainless steel, they will not suffer adversely from poor weather conditions either. The optic housing folds in on its self into the main body of the lens for additional protection. A lanyard can be attached to a bar on the body for added security.


Overall, this model of Ruper magnifier is an excellent entry and professional level loupe with excellent optics to enhance the viewing of objects. Whether they be the texture of rocks, morphological features of fossils or habits of crystals and minerals. Additionally, those in other fields of study or professions. Such as botany, entomology, sedimentology, jewellery, gemology, antiques and textiles. Will also find this magnifier loupe useful in their field of work.


For a double sided hand lens, please click, HERE.

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