Suunto KB-14 – 360R Compass


£140.00 ex VAT

The Suunto KB-14 – 360R global compass is a specialised direction finding sighting instrument for use by by foresters, surveyors, engineers, cartographers, geologists and miners. Offering the user accurate methods of obtaining directional data from the azimuth dial, with up to 1/3° accuracy. This is held within an alloy case, protecting the instrument from accidents, suitable for use on project sites or in the field.



  • Dimensions: 77 x 52 x 15 mm
  • Weight: 93 grams
  • Needle: Global
  • Accuracy 1/3°
  • Graduation interval 0.5°
  • Scale: Azimuth 360°, Reversed 360°

Suunto KB-14 – 360R Compass is a highly accurate sighting instrument with a side face and optical viewfinder. It provides you with the ability to obtain accurate direction, height, slope, and angle readings. It displays both an azimuth compass face, running from 0 to 360°. Furthermore, when viewed from the optic on the side, it features the same, in intervals of 0.5°. Thus giving you a 1/3° of accuracy. It exhibits smooth movement thanks to the sapphire jewel bearings and the capsule is liquid filled. Therefore the compass will settle quickly, so you can proceed to take readings sooner. In addition to these features, the compass needle is global, therefore you can use it in all magnetic zones.


All of these mechanisms are held within a robust alloy casing, making the instrument suitable for field use. In addition, it also comes with a tough, nylon field case for extra protection when not in use. A lanyard comes with the instrument in order to tie to your wrist, preventing accidental drops. Often used by geologists, surveyors, architects, or engineers within the mining, building, surveying, or engineering sectors.


The Suunto KB-14 – 360R Compass is an excellent instrument to have, providing you with fast, accurate directional readings. Whether you observe from the front face or side optic.

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