Suunto MC2 Compass Clinometer – Global


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Suunto MC2 compass clinometer with a global needle for use anywhere in the world, provides users an easy to use robust instruments for field use on mapping, drilling or mineral exploration projects. Allowing you to take dip and strike readings, height measurements, orientation and perform map reading. The base plate offers various map scales and a ruler, while the hinge mirror provides you with a sighting notch for performing measurements or triangulation.



  • Dimensions: 65 x 101 x 18 mm
  • Weight: 75 grams
  • Material: Plastic
  • Needle: Global
  • Clinometer: Yes – gravity driven
  • Scales: Metric UTM scales and inch rule

Suunto MC2 compass clinometer – global model, provides you with the ability to obtain a number of readings. As this is the global version of the model, it will work in any magnetic zone in the world. It is suitable to obtain orientation data, slop, dip or height angles. Combining these, you can also take dip and strike measurements. Dip and strike is important for geological field work. It allows geologists to view the angle of dip and direction of a rock beds and strata.


The compass dial is azimuth dial, running from 0 to 360°. Additionally, it features a West to East scale, from 0 – 90°. This is for use alongside the gravity driven clinometer. The compass features jewel bearings for fast needle operating. The compass and clinometer needle are within a liquid filled capsule for dampening. Around the edge of the bezel dial, is a luminous band, which allows for use in the low light conditions.


The Suunto MC2 compass clinometer – global model, is a baseplate compass, which is robust perspex plastic. On this, you will find a number map scales. These include: metric and UTM scales and an inch ruler. Additionally, a magnifier, which allows reading of fine print on OS or geological maps. In addition to these features a sighting mirror with notch which allows triangulation, to determine your location. The hinge of the mirror features an inclinometer which can aid in observation of height measurements.


Declination is adjustable, but the key and lanyard which comes with the compass. All of these features make it an all round excellent items for any geologist or earth scientist to have in their pocket.

Further, if you require the northern hemisphere version of this compass clinometer, please click, HERE.

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