Tyvek Sampling Bag – 7 x 12 inch


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7 x 12 inch medium size tyvek drawstring sample bags for the storage and transport of geological specimens, such as rock chips, mineral ores or soil samples. High quality, the material repels water, while allowing the contents to breath. It can also withstand -70°C to +118°C. (excluding the nylon cord). The tough material is difficult to tear, ensuring the contents stays inside.



  • Size: 7 x 12 inches, (17.7 x 30.4 cm)
  • Closure: Drawstring with nylon cord
  • Label: Tyvek paper, sewn in, 3 x 5 inch


Tyvek drawstring samples bags measuring a moderate 7 by 12 inches in size, (17.7 x 30.4 cm). The material is well known for its excellent quality, unyielding strength, water resistance and breathability. Often being used in the construction industry for these very reasons. The bag features a drawstring closure, with a nylon cord as well as a sewn in plain paper tyvek label which can be written on with pencil or marker pen. (ball point won’t work as well). They are ideal for the storage of geological specimens such as mineral samples, rock chips or soil. Even if damp, as the bags allow water to leave the material, but will not let water in. The material is resistant in temperatures between -70°C to +118°C and thus, can be used in drying ovens up to this temperature to dry out samples, (note, the nylon cord must be removed first). Though it should be noted that deformation may occur around 80°C. Not affected by UV light, the bags are suitable for various applications from the outdoors to the lab.

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