Polycotton Sample Bag – 8 x 12 inch


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8 x 12-inch polycotton drawstring sampling bags for the storage and transport of geological, rock chip, mineral ore or soil samples. Breathable, yet durable material which is long-lasting, single stitched and features a flat tape-style drawstring closure. Made from a 65% – 35% warp cotton and weft polyester blend. Therefore are ideal for mineral exploration, academic sampling, or lab use. These moderate-sized bags can hold a fairly good quantity of materials, around 3 kg or so of aggregate.


  • Material: Polycotton (65% – 35% warp cotton and weft polyester blend)
  • Fabric weight: 115 gsm
  • Dimensions: 8 x 12 inches (20 x 30 cm)
  • Drawstring: Cotton draw tape
  • Stitching: Single
  • Colour: White/natural – not dyed

Polycotton sample bag – 8 x 12-inch size. Suitable for geological, rock, mineral ore, aggregate, and soil sampling on mineral exploration projects. The bags are a combination of polyester and cotton, which results in an excellent, durable material. This is a must when storing samples that may contain particles with sharp edges or are heavy. Specifically, the material is 65% – 35% warp cotton and weft polyester blend. Polycotton is therefore, longer lasting and more durable than cotton, the downside is they are not biodegradable. however the material stands up in demanding environments, furthermore, the material is also breathable just like cotton.


This Polycotton sample bag – 8 x 12 inch, (20 x 30 cm), is suitable for moderate quantities of material or medium size samples. They have a flat, tape-style drawstring, which is easier to grasp, important for onsite use where weather conditions can make such simple tasks difficult.


The stitching, which is single and seams are on the inside of each bag. Removing potential snagging points. Overall the bags are white colour and an excellent sampling bag to use. Particularly in environments where they will be exposed to high levels of sunlight or rain.


If you require smaller or larger sizes of polycotton geological sampling bags, view our range by clicking, HERE.

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