Zecom Waterproof Paper – A4


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Zecom waterproof paper in A4 size, is a laser printable and photocopier friendly paper. Suitable for a range of applications, particularly field, construction and survey use. The pages can be written on by pen, pencils, marker pens, making them useful to take notes and sketches. Additionally, their ability to be used in laser printers or photocopiers make them suitable for educational use on field trips. Allowing teachers or lectures to print of multiple copies of the same worksheet for students.



  • Page size: A4, 297mm x 210mm
  • Paper thickness: 120 microns
  • Paper weight: 165gsm
  • Colour: off-white
  • Printable: Yes, laser printer or photocopier only
  • Writable: Yes, biro, ball point, pencil, waterproof and non waterproof marker pens
  • Pack: 20, 50 or 100 sheets

Zecom Waterproof Paper – A4 is an excellent field stationary item. Suitable for use in a number of outdoor scenarios, where the elements are not always positive. Coming in at A4 size, Zecom® paper can be used in laser printers and photocopiers. Additionally, the paper adheres ink and so does not fade in the sun. They come supplied in packs of 50, 100 of 500 sheets.


Zecom Waterproof Paper – A4 is regarded as a bestseller, having the ability to withstand immense heat so can be laser printed and photocopied without melting. Extremely tough, it will not tear in addition to being UV stable. Therefore, your field notes, diagrams and graphics will not fade. They are quite versatile, you can use them in a typewriter, by litho and screen print in addition to the usual pen, pencil, standard ball pen, waterproof ball pen and all waterproof and non-waterproof markers.  They will not run or smear. The pages are A4: 297mm x 210mm in size and are 120 microns thick, 165gsm in weight. Thus suitable for use in home or office printers. As the sheets have a very low static charge, significantly reducing the likelihood of it jamming in a printer.  Do note however, that UV effect (grey scale degradation): 12 months 3%, 24 months 5%

You cannot use Zecom® in ink-jet printers as it will not allow the ink to be absorbed into the paper.

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