Rite in the Rain Geological Field Notebook 540F

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Rite in the Rain 540F geological field notebook for conducting geology surveys and mapping work, made from waterproof paper with graph squares and columns printed in faint blue and 20 reference pages with hand rock and mineral guides and a photographic field scale. These books, made in the USA features a hard cover in yellow for high visibility on site or in the field. Excellent for earth science work, mining and drilling projects.


  • Dimensions: 190.5 x 120.5 mm
  • Weight: 272 grams
  • Paper: fabrikoid. (cover: cordura)
  • 80 leaves, (160 pages)
  • 20 geological reference guides
  • Hard back, yellow

Geological Field Notebook 540F by Rite in the Rain is the top-tier standard of field notation. The 540F geological field notebook features a sturdy hardback front and rear cover. Which prevents damage to the information inside. It contains 80 sheets featuring mm faint blue graph squares with faint blue cells on the opposing side of the page, all on fabrikoid paper. Which in turn is waterproof. Keeping your notes and field sketches safe from the elements for later referral. The paper is of moderate thickness and quite tough and can be written on in either biro, marker pen, or pencil.


Additionally, it features 20 reference pages detailing geological data handy for referring back to whilst in the field. These include rock textures, mapping symbols, scales and so forth. (Note: the reference guides are detailed according to the United States Geological Survey) and a handy field scale photo card. The book itself measures 190 x 120 mm and weighs 272 grams. Therefore, it is small and light, and won’t take up too much space in your rucksack. Further, it is ideal for field use in any weather conditions nature throws at you. The cover is a bright yellow, making the book easily visible in most environments should you accidentally drop it.


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