Acid Dropper Bottle


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Acid dropper bottle holding up to 20 ml of liquid. Ideal geological field equipment, allowing you to safely dispense hydrochloric acid (or other liquids). In order to perform acid tests on possible carbonate rocks and minerals. Each bottle comprises of the main bottle, a dropper and a safety end cap. To release the liquid, simply squeeze the bottle and droplets will eject from the dropper nozzle.

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Acid dropper bottle holding up to 20 ml of liquid. They are suitable for the safe, controlling dispensing of liquids in the lab or on site. For geological investigation purposes, the liquid is often corrosive. So having a dropper bottle which is sealed with a safety cap is necessary. Furthermore, the liquid will not pour our when the bottle is tilted at an angle or upside down for added safety. Instead, it will be dispensed in drops with a squeeze of the bottles body.


Each acid dropper bottle comes with three components, the bottle. The dropper, which fits tightly into the opening of the bottle. And a safety cap, which prevents accidental leaks/spillages. Making them an ideal field equipment item. Allowing you to perform acid tests on site to determine the presence of carbonate minerals in geological samples.

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