Aero Foam – 25 Ltr


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Aero Foam 25 litre containers, providing users with drilling fluid on site for the aid and lubrication of bore hole drilling projects for mineral exploration. Aero foam is biodegradable and leaves little to no pollution on site, reduces dust productions and stablises a borehole. It is compatible with fresh water, sea water or brine and as the name suggests, produces a rich foam like substance when in use.

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  • Container: 25 litres
  • Drilling Type: Air. (air, foam, mist)
  • Water compatibility: fresh water, sea water, brine
  • Biodegradable: Yes
  • Cleans Borehole
  • Colourless viscous with perceptible odour

A requirement on any drill site for use with a borehole drill rig are drilling fluids and muds. These chemicals provide essential lubrication to the drilling process without interfering with the material being sampled. Aero foam is considered an excellent all rounder product and is often a necessary aid in all types of air drilling – air, foam, or mist. It is compatible with fresh water, sea-water, or brine and produces a rich foam. Some of the excellent benefits of Aero foam is that it produces very minimal, (or in some cases 0% pollution and is not damaging to local aquifers and is biodegradable. Use of this item thus can provide further benefits to projects and companies if you are seeking to reduce your environmental impact. In addition, Aero foam stablises a borehole, reduces dust production on site and requires less air velocity than straight air drilling. Available in 25 litre containers. Full technical specifications and product data sheet available upon request.

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