Artline 400XF Paint Marker – 12 pack


£24.00 ex VAT

Artline 400XF paint markers have become the norm for onsite use at by geologists and engineers on drilling sites, mineral exploration project and assay labs. They can mark on a number of surfaces, are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, fade resistant, quick drying and ergonomic. Available in various colours to suit depending on the colour of the surface intending to be written on.

Artline 400XF Paint Marker pen is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. They are fade and water resistant, quick drying and able to mark on a number of surfaces. This makes them particularly suitable for use in the field, such as marking notes or points of interest on core samples. In addition, you can write on other materials, such as wood, various metals, smooth surface stones, the ground and so on. The ink its self is completely opaque, therefore sit will stand out on any surface you write on. The nib its self provides a generous 2.3 mm width stroke and is available in multiple colours to suit your projects requirements, such as the colour of the surface you intend to mark.


Artline 400XF Paint Marker pen ink and nib are kept safe within a metallic body, thus, they are fairly strong for field, survey and site use. Easily withstanding accidental knocks and drops and working fine. On initial use, simply shake the pen vigorously, before depressing the nib onto the chosen surface you wish to mark. This will begin the ink running process and after a short while, they ink will begin to flow and you can write or mark as you please. The nibs are reversible, should the expose end become damages, you may simply pull it out and turn it over. Therefore ensuring the long lasting use of the pen and ink overall.


The pens are available in six optional colours, being: black, white, red, yellow, green and blue and come in packs of 12 pens.

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