SeaWriter® Waterproof Pencil


£0.75 ex VAT

SeaWriter®pencils are completely waterproof, even having the ability to be utilised underwater. Made for use in wet conditions, the pencil is made in the UK from a blend of plastic and graphic which prevents it splitting over time and ensures its resistance to water. Able to write on a range of paper, the pencils strength is between HB and B and comes supplied with a lanyard to prevent loss.

The SeaWriter® is the first completely waterproof pencil which can be completely immersed in saltwater and not suffer any negative consequences. In addition, it be submersed in fresh water and also used in very wet conditions. Its unique blend of plastic and graphic prevent the pencil from splitting or swelling when wet and so suffers no long term degradation. It can write on a range of papers, including our range of waterproof paper and the lead thickness lies between HB and B, providing a moderate stroke width which is ideal for a mix of both writing and drawing. Particularly useful for field work for earth science, where it is common to write down notes as well as draw field sketches. A hole at the top of the pencils allows you to thread a string through to act as a lanyard (also provided) which you can secure around your wrist or clipboards, such as the WeatherWriter® range of waterproof clipboards. Should you drop it in water accidentally, it will also float, allow for easy retrieval if it is safe to do so. Made from recycled plastic, for less impact on the environment during manufacturing.

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