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Tyvek paper is an excellent piece of field stationary. They are suitable for use in construction, engineering or survey sectors. Additionally, they are ideal for use by geologists on mineral exploration and core drilling projects. The material is a form of flash spun high-density polyethylene fibres which are strong, difficult to tear, waterproof and quick drying. One can write on them in pen, pencil or marker pens and the sheets will withstand up to 117°C. Further making them suitable for geological sampling, when placing an ID with such for drying in a laboratory oven.


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Tyvek paper A4 in size in packs of 100 sheets. Tyvek is a synthetic material by DuPont, a form of flash spun high-density polyethylene fibres. It is very strong at 55gsm, difficult to tear, waterproof, breathable and can withstand temperatures safely up to 117 degrees Celsius. This particular product is known as industrial grade or paper grade Tyvek. With a texture like paper and can be written on by pen, pencil or marker pens. However, they are not to be used in printers, particularly laser models as the synthetic fibres can melt, causing your machine damage.


Tyvek paper is suitable for field work or site and survey applications, due to the positive points mentioned above. Being able to withstand a number of elements thrown at it. Additionally, they are suitable for laboratory use as well. Sheets can be used within drying ovens should you have geological or sediment samples you require drying. Additionally, Tyvek sheets are generally quick to dry and can also be wiped with a cloth or sleeve, without loss of notes, sketches or diagrams.


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