CM501 Petrol Masonry Saw


£3,600.00 ex VAT

CM501 petrol masonry saw by Norton Clipper is a workhorse of a bench saw. Suitable for cutting hard, natural stones, such as granite, marble, diorites, quartz-rich materials, and more. It can take both 450 mm and 500 mm diameter blades. Provides a maximum cutting depth of 195 mm as well as a cutting length of 500 mm. The Hond GX200 engine offers a power output of 6.5Hp or 4.8kW. Additionally, a water nozzle system is present, allowing you to wet cut, lubricate the blade and cool it. Its petrol engine means you can use this saw on mineral exploration or core drilling projects. Particularly where electricity is intermittent or not present at all.



  • Engine: Honda GX200
  • Fuel: Petrol
  • Power: 6.5Hp/4.8kW
  • Cutting depth: 165 mm or 195 mm
  • Cutting Length: 500 mm
  • Max material height: 355 mm
  • Blade capacity: 450 mm/18 inch or 500 mm/20 inch diameter
  • Dimensions: 610 x 1700 x 1480 mm (W x H x L)
  • Weight: 165 kg (excluding blade)
  • HAV rating: <2.5m/s²


CM501 petrol masonry saw by Norton Clipper, has been in use on sites since 1937, a workhorse of a machine. It comes with a number of features that place it at the top of the tower for such machinery. Making it suitable for onsite use on mineral exploration, drilling, or construction projects. Utilising a Honda GX200 petrol engine. The machine gives a power output of 6.5Hp or 4.8kW, more than enough for use on masonry, including natural hard stone. The presence of a petrol engine allows for use, particularly where electricity is intermittent or on virgin sites, where it is not present at all. Furthermore, the saw can be taken to the next project or site once complete for further use.


The machine can hold either 450mm (18 inch) or  500mm (20 inch) blades with a bore of 25.4 mm. You may lower the blade by hand and the additional foot pedal at the bottom of the saw for ease of the user. A water nozzle is present just behind the head, and a connector found further back allows for a connector to a water supply. This gives you the option to perform wet cutting, a necessity when cutting natural stone, to cool and lubricate the blade during cutting. Additionally, it will reduce the inhalation of toxic dust particles. The middle of the machine provides a water tray to collect the slurry from this process.


The CM501 petrol masonry saw additionally provides a moveable table that allows you to cut material. It is on wheels, allowing for manual, smooth pushing or pulling as you require. Depending on what blade diameter is present. You can cut up to a maximum depth of 195 mm with a maximum cutting length of 500 mm, (half a meter). Material up to 355 mm, max can be cut on the machine for cutting. Due to the foot pedal and additional winding handle. You have the flexibility to perform multi-step cuts or fixed cuts.

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