COSTU Geological Compass


£225.00 ex VAT

The COSTU Geological Compass Clinometer is a small geological compass for obtaining dip and strike readings modeled in a traditional style. Made from a rugged metal body featuring an liquid filled capsule, hinge and sighting mirror. It houses all that is needing for carrying out simply geological and topographic surveys and mapping projects.

  • Rugged high-quality pressure-cast housing
  • Tracing edge with 110mm graduation
  • Mirror with sighting slot
  • Front to rear sight 110mm
  • Liquid damping of magnetic needle
  • Graduation: 360° in 5° increments
  • Capsule integrated clinometer with ±90° graduations
  • Circular level (1°/2mm)

COSTU Geological Compass Clinometer model by Breithaupt Kassel, is a traditional style compass suitable for all manner of simple geological and field surveys and geology mapping projects. It has a classical style design and easy to use layout. The instrument features a hinge opening and closing in the middle. On one side of the instrument lies the azimuth compass face, going up to 360° in 5° increments. It is also luminous, glowing in low light condition making it easier to use in such instances. Furthermore, the needle is also present here and both are within a liquid filled capsule. This allows for quick dampening of the needle in order to settle so that you can obtain readings faster.


Also within the liquid filled capsule compass face is an integrated clinometer needle with ±90° graduations. Additionally, this side of the instrument also features a circular bubble level. This will aid you in ensuring the instrument is level and so your readings are accurate.


The opposite side of the COSTU Geological Compass clinometer features a housing for a hinge mirror. Which when open, stands in the middle of the compass allowing for use in sighting, triangulation or taking height readings slope angles and so on. In addition, when open, you will find a 110 mm scale ruler along the side, handy for mapping and measuring when in the field. The body of this compass is made from none magnetic material. Therefore it is strong and robust for field use but also will not interfere with your magnetic needle.


Overall, it is an excellent compass clinometer with a simplistic design, ergonomic handling and easy to use layout. It allows for various surveys and field work to be undertaken with precise measurements. Such as directional reading, dip and strike, tree or slope height, triangulation and more.


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