Brunton None Magnetic Tripod

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The Brunton none magnetic tripod is ideal for use with a range of their professional compass clinometer instruments. It provides a safe and steady mount on which to fix your device in order to obtain readings hands free and with added accuracy, eliminating human error. The tripod is telescopic, sliding into itself with ease, reducing its length and is light weight for ease of transport. Made from brass and aluminium, the material will not interfere with your compasses needle either.



  • Type: telescopic
  • Material: Brass and aluminium
  • Fixing: via optional ball and socket mount
  • Height: 48 cm, (closed) 121 cm (open)

Brunton none magnetic tripod along with the ball and socket mount. It attaches to all transit models of Bruntons range of precision compass clinometers. Such as the Geo Transit or Axis Transit.


It is overall, a telescopic tripod, easily folding away when not in use, making it much shorter. Ranging from 48 cm in length when packed to 121 cm in length when set up. It can also be set to any height in between, depending on your requirements. The construction of the tripod is of aluminium and brass. Both being none magnetic metals. Therefore, the tripod is quite light weight, despite its size. Coming in at only 680 grams, able to fit into most rucksacks. Further more, the metal will not interfere with your compass needle, ensuring fast and accurate readings are taken at all times. It further features a standard 1/4 – 20 thread with 2-section adjustable legs with spike tips to prevent slipping and movement.


In addition, it can utilise a separate ball and socket mount adapter for use specifically with Bruntons line of transit compasses. This is also features none magnetic materials to prevent interference with instruments and its unique design allows for transit to slide in and be secure.


These items come together as a pack or separately.

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