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Geologists magnetic pen for geophysical testing during mineral exploration, geological mapping, and core logging to determine magnetic properties or samples. Lightweight and easy to use, our swing magnetic pens are of a nylon body, which is lighter than steel body versions. The benefit of this is that even small instances of magnetic attraction are easily visible. One end of the item consists of a powerful neodymium magnet, whereas the opposite end features a handy permanent pocket clip. Allowing safe storage of the pen in a shirt or safety vest pocket decreases the chances of loss. The middle features a pendulum pivot at which you hold the items with your fingers. Using this method, place the pen near geological samples, such as rocks, mineral ores, drill core samples, and so on. Will attract the magnet in the pen, causing it to swing towards the sample.


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Geologists magnetic pen is commonly in use in the field during geological mapping, mineral exploration, and ore surveys. For determining the presence of magnetic minerals within hand samples or drill cores. Overall, in the shape of a pencil and just as light. The geologists magnetic pen by Deakins features a lightweight nylon body. One end contains a powerful neodymium magnet which is attracts to any feromagnetic minerals the user places it near. The middle features a triangle shape clip, which you hold with your fingertips, in order to create a swinging pendulum effect. This is occurs when the magnet is attracted to a sample. Therefore allowing field geologists to determine if a sample exhibits magnetic properties or not. The opposing end has a pocket clip, allowing you to safely store the item in your shirt pocket without the risk of it being lost in the field.


The nylon body assists by making this pen lightweight in comparison to full metal body models, often of stainless steel. This variation is therefore easier on the fingers, especially when undertaking long instances of fieldwork. But also will pick up more, minute instances of magnetic attraction, due to a lighter weight pulling through magnetism.


If you require a version with a scriber for performing hardness testing in the field. Click, HERE.

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