Gouge Auger Head – 100 cm


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A gouge auger head for extraction of soil and sediment samples and material for observation of soil profiles. The heads are longer, at 100 cm in length and are cylindrical tubes with sections remove to allow observation of material extracted. Made from hardened, non toxic steel to hold up in the field and prevent contamination. Available in various diameter sizes.



  • Soil type: sand or clay based
  • Material: non toxic steel
  • Strength: hardened steel
  • Diameter: Various options available
  • Coupling: bayonet
  • Finish: none

Gouge Auger Head – 100 cm in length is a specific auger head for extraction of soil profiles. The design incorporates a cylindrical tube with a quarter of the section open. This allows the auger head to be drilled into the ground and for the material to be extracted, and intact. Beneficial as it further allows you to observe and study the soil profile of the drill hole unimpeded above ground. Additionally, the soil core sample can also be removed from the gouge auger and stored in a sample bag. The material of which can be studied in depth under laboratory conditions at a later date, such as microscopy, particle analysis, and more.


The gouge auger head – 100 cm in length main production is through hand forging and uses non-toxic steel. Furthermore, the steel is high quality and hardened for durability in the field. This ensures that your soil samples will not incur contamination from the auger head. Additionally, it allows users to produce more torque through the auger when sampling and thus can also drill deeper.


The tool provides a proven design that results in optimal drilling and coring. This auger head attaches to the optional extension rods using a bayonet coupling. This results in quick, easy assembly and disassembly onsite. Meaning you have more time to perform sampling, rather than unpacking and packing back up. The head is available in various diameters to suit your particular project requirements. Due to its specific design, this auger head is suitable for many applications. Though, particularly in geology and earth science academics. Where undisturbed sampling of soils, sediments, and materials will ensure high-quality material for analysis. Thus more accurate data when conducting further research.


Note, this product is only for the auger head itself. You will also require at least one extension rod and a T-bar handle to operate correctly. To view these items, please click, HERE.

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