PICARD Stone Sledge BlackTec®

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The Picard stone sledge, is a short handled hammer with a 1000g (2.2. lbs) head weight, 280 mm total length and a flat and chisel edge face, providing users with the option to pulverise and crush stone or chip, chisel or split hard rock. Using a fiberglass core handle covered in BlackTec®rubber for superior grip, vibration dampening and manipulation.



  • Head: Vertical chisel edge and flat face
  • Head weight: 2.2 lbs, (1000 grams)
  • Material: Picard steel – single forged piece
  • Handle: 3 component plastic and fiberglass core with BlackTec® rubber surround
  • Length: 280 mm
  • Finish: black powder coat, corrosion resistant

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The Picard Stone Sledge is suitable for use on hard rock and stone, featuring a heavy weight head at 1000 grams, (2.2 lbs) which provides users with weight behind each strike. Breaking down aggregate with ease. The head its self features both a flat face and a vertical chisel edge side, offering you the option to either crush rock with flat fat or split and chisel stone with the chisel edge. Made from alloyed PICARD special steel, carefully hardened and tempered with a corrosion resistant black powder coated finish. The head is mounted on a 3 component plastic and fiberglass core handle which is coated in BlackTec®rubber. This provides excellent strength and offers anti vibration properties with each strike. The hammer in total, measure 280 mm in length, allowing for excellent manipulation despite its weight.

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