Sieve Receiver Pan


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High quality stainless steel sieve receiver pans manufactured by Glenammer Engineering in Scotland, available in either 200 mm or 300 mm diameter siez to suite your project requirements. These receivers are safe to use, having to sharp edges, robust for field use and ensure a tight fit with Glenammers range of sieves to prevent loss of material. The receiver will catch any sediments, aggregate or particles which fall through the sieves mesh sizes above.

Sieve receiver pan, for the catching of particle materials which you are sieving such as soils, sediment, and aggregates. Additionally, agricultural materials such as seeds and grains will also be caught within the pan. The pans allow you to stack sieves on top of them, either woven wire or perforation plate sieves. When stacking, the pan and the sieve above form a tight seal, meaning there will be no leaks or loss of particle materials. Two sizes are available, 200 mm and 300 mm diameter, suiting your requirements perfectly.


Each sieve receiver pan production uses high-quality, 316-grade stainless steel which is overall, which possesses better overall corrosion-resistant properties. They will never rust and have excellent strength. Their design eliminates sharp edges and corners, making them safe to handle with bare hands. Being steel, they are robust enough for both laboratory and field use. Furthermore, you can use the pans with sieve shakers, placing them at the bottom of a stack. Allowing for catching of material as per normal. However, this will reduce the total number of sieves you can stack by one.


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