Student Geology Field Notebook – Delux


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An A5 top opening, spiral bound waterproof geological field notebook (notepad), designed by Axial with input from qualified geologists and geology teachers. It features 30 leaves of alternating lined and blank pages and a number of geological data and information reference pages to help you whilst performing mapping projects in the field or dissertations.

Student Geology Field Notebook delux version is an excellent all-around waterproof notebook for earth science study. It gives students up to 30 leaves of alternating lines and blank pages for writing down field notes and field sketches. The pages feature a blue line page on one side. With empty fields at the top for noting down the date, grip references, and location of the site. Additionally, a single vertical red line runs down the left of the page with a space of 20 mm. This gives you space to note down geotechnical information, such as your dip and strike readings in relation to your field notes. The opposite side is mostly blank and suitable for field sketches. With only the words, “scale:” printed, for you to note down the specific scale used on the drawing.


In addition, the inside cover also provides you with a photographic field scale giving you the option of cm, inches, or mm. This gives you a quick and handy scale to use in any photographs you may take in the field or to use for measuring samples you come across. The rear of the book contains numerous quick reference guides including, common sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks, minerals, and fossils. Additionally, it has igneous graphs, a P-T chart, a roundness chart, and a geological timeline. Further to this, mapping symbols and logging symbols are also found on the back cover. (Accurately recreated with permission from the British Gelogical Survey – BGS), and more.


Student Geology Field Notebook delux version overall is an excellent item for earth science students. It is A5 in size, making it not too small, but not too large either. The pages are waterproof and tear-resistant. You can write on them with a biro or pencil. The front and back cover is laminate, providing you with a surface that can be wiped clean. In addition, the front cover features a high-vis orange border, making the note book easy to find if you accidentally misplace it. An excellent all-in-one geology field notebook to suit your needs where ever your field work takes you.


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