COPRI Prismatic Compass


£1,180.00 ex VAT

The COPRI prismatic topographic compass by Breithaupt Kassel is ideal for industrial land surveying use. It features an 80 mm diameter dial to read from, an oscillation ring and simultaneous sighting via a slot within the hinge. A global needle enable use anywhere in the world and is housed within a rugged alloy unit.


  • Circle diameter 80mm
  • Graduation 1/2°
  • Inclination adjustable
  • Circular spirit level
  • 3/8‘ inch thread for tripod attachment

Copri prismatic compass by Breithaupt Kassel in Germany is a precision sighting instrument. It is suitable for topographic surveys and industrial use in engineering application and such. The instruments features a prismatic reading on an oscillation ring. In addition to simultaneous sighting through a sighting slot in the prism casing. Furthermore, a hinge sight, similar to buckhorn sights, ideal for setting out topographic surveys.


These features make the Copri prismatic compass extremely accurate for determining a course, way points, direction. This is in addition to calculating bearings of survey lines and included angles between them. The compass face features a large 80 mm in diameter area, allowing for quick and easy reading with 1/2° graduations around the dial. The instrument features a global needle, allowing for use anywhere in the world. Utilising a sliding counter weight so that users can adjust the needle depth as and when you require.


Furthermore, it features a bubble level to ensure you have the compass set correctly level, which will ensure accurate readings. The components are further held within a none magnetic body, ensuring no interreference with your compass needle. The instrument can also be used along with the COGEL ball and socket mount and COTRI none magnetic tripod, which will provide further accuracy to your readings.

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