GEBRU Transit Compass Clinometer


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The GEBRU is a transit stratum compass clinometer made by Breithaupt Kassel in Germany. Offering users the ability to obtain dip and strike readings, orientation, height and depth as well as performing sighting, map reading and triangulation. The compass needle is global, allowing for use anywhere in the world and there is an internal, manually operated clinometer with spirit level. On the outside is a hinge inclinometer for obtaining dip and strike using the Clar method. A bubble level is also present for ensuring accuracy as well as a side ruler and sighing mirror.



  • Inclination: adjustable
  • Integrated clinometer ±90°
  • Azimuth
  • Interval of graduation 1°
  • Hinge inclinometer: 270° (5° graduations)
  • Declination: Adjustable (without opening the housing)

The GEBRU transit compass clinometer by Breithaupt Kassel in Germany. It provides users with an efficient and accurate compass for field, survey and mine mapping. Particulalrly, it is useful for professional users undertaking mineral exploration projects. Boasting a number of features that make it suitable to obtain geophysical, mining, and geological measurements. A hinge inclinometer can allow you to read the azimuth strike and angle of dip in one simultaneous measurment. This is as per Dr. Clar (geology professor) method. Additionally, a manual bubble-level clinometer is also present, thus, you can perform and and strike in the traditional way as well.


The GEBRU transit compass clinometer face displays a typical azimuth dial is 48 mm in diameter with 1° graduations with a declination adjustment of ±30°. A bubble level that is observable from above also allows for the instrument to be perfectly level, thus ensuring accurate measurements. The incorporated hinge inclinometer provides a dip measurement range of 270°, graduated in 5°. Furthermore, a hinge sighting mirror is present, along with a sighting notch. Therefore allowing users the ability to perform triangulation whilst mapping in the field.


The delicate components of the instruments are within a robust alloy housing unit with a metallic blue and brushed silver finish. In addition, A nylon case for additional protection is present. Furthermore, it provides you with the ability to loop the compass onto your belt for easy transport and access. Overall, this instrument is crucial for those within the mining sector. It does not require much space and can be easily carried.


For further information on the history of Breithaupt Kassel precision instruments, please click: HERE.

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