Rite in the Rain Expedition Field Journal

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Rite in the Rain 512 expedition field journal is perfect for conducting surveys where few have trekked before. Made from waterproof paper with a side opening soft cover. It features 24 leaves inside with faint blue lines and additional empty charts to enter specified data into, such as weather conditions, altitude, expenses, a field scale and more. The journal is handy and pocket sized, allowing for ease of use and is a must have on long or short expeditions.


  • Dimensions: 177 x 118 mm
  • Weight: 73 grams
  • Paper: all weather. (cover: field-flex)
  • 24 leaves, (48 pages)
  • Data tables
  • Side opening – stapled
  • Soft back, yellow

Rite in the rain field books have long been held to high acclaim for undertaking field work in all weather conditions. The expedition field journal, model 512 is no different. It features a soft back design, allowing for a light weight, flexible notepad, the usual yellow cover for easy visibility should the journal be misplaced and is side opening.

The journal contains 24 leaves, (48 pages) inside with faint blue pre-printed horizontal lines. In addition, pre-printed empty data tables are present for you to enter information including a weather chart, altitude gain and loss, expenses, emergency contact details, photo-scale and more. The journal measures 177 mm x 118 mm and weighs only 73 grams. Ideal for a number of expeditions including forestry, land surveying, hiking and more.


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