In situ Core Sampling

In situ core sampling using a portable geological core drill.

In situ Core Sampling is the process of obtaining a geological core sample from its place of origin. When undertaking any form of professional geological fieldwork or geotechnical engineering and geochemistry. Geologists, engineers, and chemists no doubt will require a number of samples. These are often needed for research or testing purposes often undertaken at a laboratory or within a core shed. This form while similar to core drilling using a rig is on a much smaller scale. More often they are only a handful of specimens for initial studies of site investigations.


Methods of in situ core sampling can be as easy as; chipping pieces off of an outcrop or simply collecting loose material from the ground around the sampling area. However, such samples often show effects of weathering, and elements or are not representative of the overall internal structure and chemistry of the geological outcrop, wall, or strata. This is where a portable geological core drill can be invaluable.

The portable geological core drill by ‘Geo Factory EU’, is a single-user petrol power core drill. Its design is specifically for use on natural stone, including hard rocks, such as marble, granites, diorites, and more. Rather than construction core drills, which are often for use with building materials such as bricks and concrete.


It boasts a 250 cc engine with a power output of 1.5 kW, providing sufficient torque to drill into stone. Additionally, this core drill has a unique feature, being the addition of a ‘push down’ system. A frame that will allow you to better apply pressure to the machine. Despite potential awkward angles, you may face whilst in the field or within a quarry or mine. Such as mine tunnel ceilings or inclines on quarry faces. The gear system and water swivel for this drill are chrome, machined, and treated. This is in addition to a ½ inch thread and quarter shut-off valve with a quick-fitting connection.

The portable geological core drill has up to four optional diamond drill bits for users to choose from. Depending on your specific requirements. They can offer you samples up to 50.8 mm in diameter and 160 mm in length, sufficient enough for engineering, technical, and analytical use.


If your mineral exploration survey or academic research project of geotechnical engineering site investigation requires core samples. If there is no scope for a drill rig, then it is in your best interest for economic reasons as well as the data you can later obtain. To invest in the portable geological core drill.


For further details of this equipment, its accessories as well as an example video, check out the product on our website via the link below.


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