UCP Core Trays – Video Guide

UCP core trays are among the most robust, safest core tray storage solutions on the market at present. With a host of add-ons, such as the ScanIT core logging software, storage pods for long term storage and transport. And roller logging tables for core analysis.

Rock Chip Trays

Rock chip trays are for surface and shallow drill sampling. Where material is too loose for standard core trays. A rock chip tray contains compartments, separate from each other for sample storage which prevents cross contamination.

Field Notebooks

Field notebooks are integral to any form of field work. Whether you are a geologist, engineer, driller, ecologist, miner and so on. A notebook is always required, in order to take down important notes and field sketches to refer back to later.

Geological Sample Ticket Books

Geological sample ticket books allow for the organisation of samples collection by field and mineral exploration geologists during the sampling stages. See how our range of ticket books offer benefits to your project and our range of designs.

UCP Core Trays – Schedule Update​

Owing to an excellent year of supply and sales of our range of UCP Core Trays. We have currently in transit a second container of trays on their way. With a scheduled arrival of early to mid-November. Find out more here.

Cornish Tin Ltd Investment Opportunity

An early investment opportunity with Cornish Tin Ltd, through Crowdcube. Read our interesting article on the history of tin mining, our supply of core trays to the Great Wheal Vor project, and Cornish Tin Ltd investment opportunity.

Breithaupt Kassel Compasses – German Engineering Part 2

Part 2 of the history of Breithaupt Kassel. Following their history through the 30’s, WW2 which led to its destruction of facilities. To their rebirth and eventual ISO standards in the 90’s. Including their many innovations along the way.

Breithaupt Kassel Compasses – German Engineering

Breithaupt Kassel compasses are a German brand name renowned for sleek, technical, innovative, manufacturer of precision instruments in a range of sectors. Mining included.

Brunton Compasses – In New Hands

Brunton compasses. Family owned, geologist owned and US owned. This is now the status of one of geology’s most oldest and well known equipment brands. Brunton.

Estwing – 100 Years

Estwing Tools celebrates 100 years in 2023. Read about their history from humble beginnings to what they are today. As well as how they have become synonymous with geologists the world over.