Rock Chip Trays

Rock chip trays are for surface and shallow drill sampling. Where material is too loose for standard core trays. A rock chip tray contains compartments, separate from each other for sample storage which prevents cross contamination.

Field Notebooks

Field notebooks are integral to any form of field work. Whether you are a geologist, engineer, driller, ecologist, miner and so on. A notebook is always required, in order to take down important notes and field sketches to refer back to later.

Geological Sample Ticket Books

Geological sample ticket books allow for the organisation of samples collection by field and mineral exploration geologists during the sampling stages. See how our range of ticket books offer benefits to your project and our range of designs.

Rocks, Minerals and Fossil Supplies

Geological rocks, minerals and fossil supplies for educational use, gift shops, wholesale and other uses. Which we can supply strictly on a business to business basis and in bulk only.

In situ Core Sampling

An look in to in-situ sampling processes in the field. And the advantages of having the Geo Factory portable core drill to do just the job!