10x 21mm Magnifier Hand Lens

SKU: MG55367

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An excellent quality magnifier lens, this handy loupe provides users with time ten magnification with a wide, 21 mm diameter field of view. The glass optic is held in a chrome plated metal housing. This in turn swivels into a chrome plated metal body which has an eyelet for a lanyard (not supplied). Ideal for higher education students or teachers and professors for outdoor field work or in the lab for the magnified viewing of samples, such as rocks, minerals, fossils, plants, insects, jewellery and more.


  • Magnification: x10
  • Viewing field: 21 mm diameter
  • Optic: glass – single
  • Housing: Chrome plated metal
  • Body: Chrome plated metal

10x 21mm magnifier hand lens is an excellent all-rounder loupe for a number of uses. It offers you x10 power and quality magnification by the single optical glass. In addition, the magnified power is viewed through a generous, 21 mm wide diameter field of view. This optic glass is situated within a metal housing. Furthermore, this housing can swing in, on itself into the main body of the magnifier. Perfect for when it is not in use and offers added protection.


The 10x 21mm magnifier hand lens overall construction is brass with chrome plating. This provides users with a tough magnifier for use out in the field or lab. However, it also has a smooth, metallic appearance. Further, dirt and grime can easily be removed by wiping clean. Additionally, a small loop is present at the end of the hand lens for you to thread a lanyard through if you wish. This can prevent loss of the lens and allows for securing to wrists or clipboards.


In all, this is an excellent magnifier loupe, with all the standard features one expects. It has an ergonomic design, for comfortable use, and rounded edges ensure no points or sharp protrusions. It is affordable for a number of users but boasts quite high-quality optics for such a price. In addition to a fairly wide field of view at 21 mm. Therefore, it can be used by a number of people in a number of settings. Such as geology for the observation of rocks, minerals, crystals, or fossils. Furthermore, those in the fields of ecology, entomology, botany, sediments, antiques and more will find this hand lens of valuable use.


For the 10x 18 mm version of this hand lens, please click, HERE.

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