Ruper x20 Achromatic Magnifier

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Ruper achromatic magnifier lens, made in Japan offers users high quality magnification with x20 viewing power within a modest 15 mm diameter field of view. The optics on this loupe aredoublet, with an achromatic design, offering both clarity and reduction in abrasion when viewing. Suitable for enhanced viewing of rocks, minerals, fossils, sediment, antiques, jewellery, insects, plants and more.



  • Body: brushed stainless steel
  • Optics: doublet
  • Optical arrangement: achromatic
  • Magnification: x20
  • Viewing field: 15 mm diameter

Ruper x20 achromatic magnifier is a high quality hand lens from Japan. It provides you with excellent x 20 magnification with a moderate 15 mm diameter field of view. The loupe is features doublet glass optic lenses with an achromatic design. Like other Ruper hand lenses, this reduces the effects of chromatic and spherical aberration or distortion. (One piece of glass has a concave depression on one side. In this depression sits another piece of optical glass which is convex in shape).


The Ruper x20 achromatic magnifier body and lens housing are stainless steel with a brushed finish. This further, adds texture and grip to the hand lens. The lens housing is on a pivot and can swing in and out of the body for protection when not in use. The metal body also protects the optics from damage, should the magnifier be dropped. Either indoors or out in the field, the lens is rugged and ready for use. The body shape is also ergonomic for user comfort and optical handling.


This is certainly a high quality lens suitable for use in the lab, field, auction house or stores. Particularly by geologists, jewellers, faceters workers, sedimentologists, entomologists and many more to observe your samples and specimens under. Such as for viewing rocks, minerals, fossils, gemstones, sediment particles, antiques, plants or insects.


For a x 10 equivalent of this magnifier, please click, HERE.


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