Double Magnifier Hand Lens

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Double Magnifier Hand Lens is an excellent loupe and magnification aid for a variety of users. It provides you with two lens within one body. 10x 18 mm on one side and 20x 12 mm on the other. Offering excellent magnification of objects as required, such as geological samples, insects, plants, textiles, antiques and more. Held within an ergonomic shaped body which sits comfortably in your hands and protects the optics when not in use.


  • Magnification: x10 and x20
  • Viewing field: 18 mm and 12 mm diameters
  • Optic: glass – single
  • Housing: Chrome plated brass
  • Body: Chrome plated brass

Double Magnifier Hand Lens is an economical yet versatile and quality magnifier for any user to have. Boasting excellent optics, a light weight sturdy design and ergonomic shape. It rests comfortably in your hands and provides two separate forms of magnification.


10x 18 mm Magnifier

One side of the loupe provides you with a 18 mm diameter wide optic. This boasts 10x magnification, more than adequate for field use while still maintaining viewing clarity.


20x 12 mm Magnifier

On the opposite side, you will find a smaller size magnifier. Coming in at only 12 mm in diameter, yet providing you with 20x magnification, double that of the opposing side. The smaller size is purposely done to enable clearer viewing of object without abrasion.


Optics and Body

The double magnifier hand lens has an ergonomic shape which enables it to rest comfortably in your hands. Despite which ever side you choose to use. Both optics are fold in, on themselves into the main body, ensuring the are safe and protected when not in use. The optics are single glass only and housed within the same material as the body, being chrome plated brass. It will survive bumps, knocks and drops, all of which are common when undertaking field work.


Overall, this is an excellent lens for beginners and intermediate users w.ith the added benefit of two strengths of magnificaiton

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