Kenometer Core Orientation Tool


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Kenometer core orientation tools, made in Australia from anodised aluminium which is tough and bright for onsite field use on drilling projects and mineral sites. Markings on the tools provide Alpha and Beta angles for geologists and core loggers to determine the orientation of a core sample. Available as a main body, in NQ2 and HQ sizes, with optional shims to allow you to measure NQ and HQ3 sizes respectively.



  • Material: anodised aluminium
  • Angles: Alpha and Beta
  • Size: Optional – NQ2, (or NQ size with optional shims), HQ, (or HQ3 with optional shims)
  • Readings: laser-etched

Kenometer core orientation tool is commonly in use by exploration geologists. Particularly on mineral exploration projects where core drilling is taking place. They are necessary in order to orientate the drill core samples. Many future readings and data collecting will thus rely upon these measurements. Therefore, accuracy is a must for such tasks.


A Kenometer works by helping users obtain the Alpha and Beta angle measurements from their core samples. With these, geologists can then calculate and orientate the core correctly and note down the readings. Furthermore, they can note down any aspects of interest on the core sample, such as folding, mineral veins and so on. Built to last, these models come from Australia, where production of them uses anodized aluminium. Making them tough and rugged for onsite field use. They will withstand most accidental drops and knocks without negative effects.


Furthermore, on a kenometer core orientation tool, the Alpha and Beta angles are engraved into the body laser etching. Two standard sizes are available, those being, NQ2 and HQ sizes. However, with the addition of shims, if required, you can convert the tool, to measure NQ size or HQ3 sizes as well.


If you prefer goniometers to measure your core orientation and angles, please click, HERE.


Kenometer Tutorial Video

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