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Goniometers are a quick reference tools to determine the orientation of core samples by measuring the Alpha and Beta angles and lineations within the wireline of cores. Made from touch plastic for onsite and drill rig use, the printing is in both blue and red for easy readings against rock.


  • Core size: optional – H, N and P
  • Material: Plastic
  • Print colour: Blue and Red

Goniometer is a quick reference orientation tool from Australia by Discoverer. It acts in many ways are a kenometer does. Suitable to measure Alpha and Beta angles and lineations within wireline core structures. The readings of which must be accurate, for further data and analysis later of the core samples.


Each goniometer is of a tough, robust plastic which is transparent. Allowing you to twist the core around without having to remove it. The outside of which has protractor measurements in print on them in blue and red. These colours are used as they are easily visible against the common colours of rock and core samples.


Simply Align the lineation with the maximum angle of the protractor provides the Alpha angle to within 5 degrees. Available in H, N and P core sizes.

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