Large Capacity Sample Splitter

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Ideal for larger scale mineral exploration projects, this large capacity riffle box sample splitter for filtering and dividing up larger amounts of sediments and particles, between 12.5 mm to 150 mm at 12.5 mm intervals. The material feeds through up to 49 chutes (differing depending on the width set), hoppers below at a total of 22 liters. Its construction is of heavy-duty steel with a coating to prevent rust and make the equipment easier to keep clean.


  • Dimensions: 370 x 810 x 1090 mm
  • Weight: 78 kg
  • Material: Heavy-duty steel, coated.
  • Slot size: adjustable: 12.5 to 150 mm, at 12.5 mm intervals.
  • Channels: Up to 48, (depending on user define slot width set).
  • Hopper capacity: Two hoppers at 22 liters each.


    • ASTM C136
    • EN 933-3
    • AASHTO T27

Lead time: 3 to 4 weeks.


Large Capacity Sample Splitter is ideal for onsite use in a number of sectors by different users. Its design is similar in many ways to small, bench tops splitters, also known as riffle boxes. However, this large-capacity version can easily sift through and split large quantities of material. Including, sands, gravels, sediments, and other particles, such as man-made plastic pellets or grains with ease.


Unlike smaller models, it features adjustable slot widths along the top. Further allowing you to adjust the feed from a range between 12.5 mm to 150 mm. These can be set at 12.5 mm intervals. This means you have a number of choices of particle sizes to filter, depending on your project’s requirements. The material will pass through up to 48 channels, (slots) which vary depending on the width set. The hopper itself can filter up to 28 liters of material which further feeds into two collection pans below which each hold 22 liters. The channel widths can be easily changed thanks to the hand level near the top.


This Large Capacity Sample Splitter construction is from high-quality, heavy-duty steel which also has a coating to both prevent rust and make it easier to clean.  Suitable for stationary lab or onsite use on mineral exploration and sediment collection projects, measuring: 370 x 810 x 1090 mm and weighing 78 kg.


If you require a smaller, sample splitter, ideal for bench tops. Please view our range by clicking, HERE.

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