Photo Field Scale Card


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The photographic field scale card produced by our selves feature three sets of scales, centimeters, millimeters and inches. The cm and inches are displayed as alternating black and white blocks on one side, intended for placement next to samples in the field such as pebbles where as the mm scale on the opposing side has a space on which you can place small, fine particles to measure against the scale and photograph with a white background. The card is laminated making it waterproof and easy to wipe clean.

Photo field scale card is an item to have, in a variety of sectors and studies. It provides you with a quick, easy, and convenient way to add accurate scale to your photographs in the field. A must when producing field notes, sketches, or reports.


On one side of the photo field scale card, you will find a centimeter scale and an inch scale. The cm scale runs from 0 to 12 cm and is shown in a series of alternating black and white blocks. Each block is 1 x 1 cm for easy viewing, whether in the field or in the photo taken. In addition to this, the other side exhibits an inch scale. This additionally runs from 1 to 5 inches and is also in a series of alternating black and white bars. Each bar measures 1 inch wide by 1 cm tall. The opposite side of the card shows a two, separate mm scale and is for use with smaller and finer samples, sediments, or particles. Often which will be measured in millimeters.


The card measures 15 x 7 cm overall, fitting into your pocket or pencil case easily, and has a double side design. The card is in laminate, making it waterproof and easy to wipe dry. They are a must for professionals, academics, or students. Whether studying geology, ecology, or geography. Or those who work in the field, such as on drilling sites or mineral exploration projects. Where particular outcrops of points of interest to large to take as samples are present. Having this handy field scale card will allow you to detail your findings accurately for your write-up and report.


We can also produce these with your own company logo at no extra cost. For further inquiries on this, please click, HERE. To contact us.

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