Brunton LED Omnisight Sighting Compass


£210.00 ex VAT

The Omnisight by Brunton is a high-end sighting compass that provides users the ability to view forward and reciprocal bearings as well as mils and quadrants, using the inbuilt viewfinder. The compass, (balanced on the shelf for most of the northern hemisphere), can also be viewed from the face, top, or side, and the mechanisms are all housed in a robust allow casing with a silicon cover for added protection. Additionally, this model comes with a handy LED lighting function, allowing use in low-light environments, such as cave systems or mine tunnels and shafts.



  • Scales:, MILS (0-6400), Quadrant 0-90°, Reciprocal Azimuth 0-360°, Azimuth 0-360°
  • Dimensions: 76.3 x 8.8 x 1.3 cm
  • Weight: 335.6 g
  • Needle: magnetic north as standard, (equatorial and southern zones available)
  • Lighting: LED

Brunton Omnisight Sighting Compass LED version, is a sturdy 4-scale sighting instrument. Featuring a spot-through compass, it offers the convenience of multiple precision instruments in one. Providing you with forward and reciprocal azimuth bearings, 90° quadrants, and 6400 MILS. The needle, highly accurate as expected, spins smoothly and settles quickly thanks to the sapphire jewel bearings and anti-static dampening fluid. Furthermore, this particular model comes with LED lighting, thus being suitable for use in low light conditions. Such as cave systems and mine tunnels or shafts.


Additionally, the Brunton Omnisight Sighting Compass provides you with the option to obtain directions and read by sight. Using the x10 optical finder on the end. Offering you not only accurate readings but reduces eye strain in the process. The mechanisms for the instrument are held within a robust aluminium housing. Further to this, an ergonomic silicone cover also provides additional protection for the instrument. Making it ideal for field use where accidental bumps and drops are commonplace. Furthermore, the silicone cover also makes the instrument comfortable to hold and use, especially for long periods.


A small hole on the long end further allows you to secure the instrument to Bruntons, jacobs staff. This is further comfortable to use and provides additional accuracy to your directional readings.

  • Disclaimer: Models for use in magnetic equator or magnetic south zones will require a 1 to 2 week lead time.


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