COGRA Suspension Clinometer


£650.00 ex VAT

The COGRA suspension mining clinometer is a high end instrument for use alongside mining compasses. It enables the user the determine the angle or dip of strata or beds of rock or other geotechnical readings, delivering quick and accurate inclination measurements, particularly in mine shaft, tunnels and openings. Ideally used alongside the COMTA mining compass.


  • Chromed and painted brass with suspension hook
  • Diameter 240mm
  • Graduation ± 90°, graduation interval 1/4°, numbered every 5°
  • With plummet

COGRA Suspension Clinometer by Breithaupt Kassel in Germany is a high quality, precision instrument. Useful in the mineral exploration and mining sectors to determine inclination readings. Particularly that of mine shafts, tunnels, openings and more. The clinometer displays +/- 90° on the side in 1/4° graduations with numbering in increments of 5°. Therefore, providing you with highly accurate readings.


COGRA Suspension Clinometer uses a plumb bob style method of obtaining data. Using gravity as its main driver to accomplish this. As the plumb bob will always seek to ‘fall’ directly down, vertically. No matter the instruments overall position. Its construction is of brass, as the intention is for the instrument to be operated alongside the COMPTA mining compass. Therefore, being brass, it will not cause any magnetic interference with your compasses needle.


Additionally, two metal hooks are found at each end of the instrument. These allow you to suspend the inclinometer on a wire. Therefore allowing you to determine the slope angle. The overall construction is solid, a semi circular shape provide all the readings you will require. This is further held strongly with a T shape bar, providing additional strength and support to the instrument. Therefore, it will remain accurate, even after small accidental drops or knocks.


If you wish to view the COMTA suspension mining compass, which this instrument will work alongside. Please click, HERE.


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