Core Tray Field Stand – Pair

SKU: STA170355

£45.00 ex VAT

A pair of robust, plastic horses, which are foldable, providing users with a lightweight, easy to transport method to rest heavy core trays for further observations whilst working on the filed on a drill rig or geological sampling site. Supplied as a pair and easy tuck away and carry.



  • Dimensions: 571 x 48 x 820 mm
  • Weight bearing: 362 kg (as a pair)
  • Other: Foldable
  • Colour: Black


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At times on certain drilling projects and sites, the ability to have a dedicated core shed or similar facilities may not be present. This pair of horses is an ideal, cost effective solution to save any field geologists or loggers from having to bend down or over core trays to interpret samples. In addition, they provide added safety when lifting core trays to be moved, as they can be lifted from a higher position rather than bending almost down to the floor and potentially causing lower back injury. The horses fold up when not in use or for easy transport and 571 x 48 x 820 mm in size and as a pair, will hold 362 kg max. Supplies as a pair.

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