100m Fibreglass Tape Measure – Open Frame

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100 meter length open reel fiberglass tape measure, with a tough tape suitable for use in field conditions, such as those on mining, quarries, mineral exploration and drilling sites where mud and water are common. The tape is easy to wipe or wash clean after use and uses a 3x speed gear system in order to be reeled in quickly. A hook is present for fixing onto objects, cracks or corners.



  • Length: 100 meters, (330 feet)
  • Units: inches and cm
  • Tape: 42 strand fibreglass
  • Reel: 3x speed gears
  • Open

100m fibreglass tape measure, (332 feet). It is excellent for construction site, mine, quarry and field use. Particularly by geologists, surveyors, drilling companies and more.  Furthermore, it is robust for heavy duty use and will not damage easily. Thanks to its tough, rugged ABS plastic casing which protects the tape and winding mechanisms. The blade is clear to read, being 13 mm wide with 42 strand fibreglass for toughness. Additionally, it is also easy to clean off should it become caked in mud, cement, contaminated water and so on.


The 100m fibreglass tape measure features a 3x high speed gear mechanism. Therefore, allowing for a quick and easy wind up should you need. A metal claw at the end of the tape allows you to grip into the ground or material for easy and accurate measuring.


The case its self is a contrasting blue and red colour scheme. Making the tape easily visible should you misplace it on site. Likely standing out easily in most environments. Furthermore, it features a nylon lanyard, which can be secured to your wrist or rucksack for additional safety. Its large size makes this tape measure particularly useful for use in various areas. Such as on drill rigs, construction or mineral exploration, geotechnical, engineering or academic surveys. Setting out a 100 x 100 meter square


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